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The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has recently modernized its dress code with the addition of a new rule. It says that women can now wear leggings and mid-thigh length compression shorts without a skirt or a dress during matches. This rule came after Serena Williams’ catsuit controversy.

Tennis Dress Code - Piping Rock Club

Tennis. All white tennis attire, including socks and hats, is required at all time throughout the year. Colored warm-up clothing is permitted from October 1st - April 30th for outdoor tennis play only. All white warm-ups must be worn for indoor play year-round. Hats may not be worn backwards.

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Essentially, these venues will only allow you on the court if you are dressed according to their dress code. In professional tennis, the rules are not that different from those at clubs. The principal rule is that players are expected to present themselves in a professional manner and wear recognized tennis attire. Once again, gym shorts and t-shirts are ruled out.

Dress Code - Newfield Swim and Tennis Club

Tennis Dress Code. No Player (Member or Guest) will be permitted on the courts unless PROPER TENNIS ATTIRE is worn. Proper attire is defined as. Tennis Shoes (appropriate for Har-Tru courts; not basketball, jogging or training shoes) for everyone over the age of 10, Tennis Skirts or Tennis Shorts (no aerobic or gym clothing, swim suits, cut-offs, dungaree shorts or “jams”), and.

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From the moment you step onto the grass (trivia tidbit: Wimbledon is the only major tournament still played on grass courts), you must be dressed head to toe in suitable tennis attire and that attire must be virtually all white. If you have dark arm hair, the Club of England asks that you consider bleaching it white.

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Something a little more outlandish, however, will now be permissible with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) modifying its dress code for 2019 and beyond. In particular, the WTA has approved leggings and mid-thigh-length compression shorts either with or without a skirt, shorts, or dress. To be fair, the aforementioned clothing wasn’t actually prohibited in the first place; WTA officials chose to make things official by specifying it in the dress code.

After catsuit controversy, women’s tennis ‘modernises’ dress code

After catsuit controversy, women’s tennis ‘modernises’ dress code Top players welcome the new policy approving leggings and compression shorts to be worn without a skirt or dress.

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Tennis clothing rules for men have changed a great deal since the game was invented. At one time men wore what almost appeared like a church clothing when playing tennis: long dress pants, dress shirt buttoned up and tucked in, often times with a sweater worn over top.