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baseball. n (=game) base-ball m. baseball cap. n casquette f de baseball. baseball mitt. n ...

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baseball player n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (sportsperson: plays ...

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baseball. What's the French word for baseball? Here's how you say it. French Translation. base-ball. More French words for baseball. le base-ball noun. baseball.

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Translation of "baseball" in French. baseball base-ball balle de baseball batte balle de base-ball. base ball. béisbol. casquette. Other translations. Suggestions. baseball bat 506. baseball game.

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Finnish: baseball-peli; French: baseball; German: Baseball; Greek: μπέιζμπολ; Italian: baseball; Japanese: 野球; Korean: 야구; Norwegian: baseball; Polish: baseball; European Portuguese: basebol; Romanian: baseball; Russian: бейсбол; Latin American Spanish: béisbol; Swedish: baseboll; Thai: กีฬาเบสบอล; Turkish: beyzbol

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Basics. Baseball - le baseball; the term la balle au camp (i.e. field ball) was also used until the 1950s. Ball - la balle. Field - le terrain. Dugout - l'abris des joueurs (masc) Foul line - la ligne de démarcation. Mound - le monticule. Batter's box - le rectangle des frappeurs. On-deck circle - le cercle d'attente.

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In France the game is not very popular compared to other sports such as soccer (football) and basketball. However, baseball is a popular sport in Quebec (French-speaking Canada) where teams compete nationally and in the United States. In the list below you’ll find that while many of the words are taken directly from English many of them are completely different and require more study time.

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Here are some of our favorites. 1. French Term: Balle papillon. Means: knuckleball. "Papillon" means butterfly, a reference to the knuckleball's fluttery movement. 2. French Term: Cercle d'attente...

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Baseball in France. Baseball is seen as a niche sport in France, not receiving much public support or wide media coverage. The daily newspaper L'Equipe has some coverage on Mondays for the French Championship games, and online, Stadeo.tv has streaming video of recent games, also mostly of the Championships.